San Francisco, an eclectic architecture city!

By Mathew Davies, Posted on 13 Aug, 2021 at 11:43 am

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San Francisco is a city in California. Moreover, it is not just the city of California but a central, cultural, commercial, and financial hub for the country. It is a popular destination for many tourists and why would not it be? It is beautiful, ideal, and has a lot to do in it. Think no further and book your place in any of the finest San Francisco hotels and live your daydream. Moreover, the city just does not ring around certain obvious things but a lot more than these and so that here in this piece of writing you will know it all.

The San Francisco hotels are much likely to be called home because the city gives the finest treatments and services to tourists. The treatments include; 24 hours front desk operators, free parking lots, free Wi-Fi, flavorsome meals, astound level customer services, and the poshest rooms. You can book your rooms whenever you want to and cancel the bookings at any time too. Are you thinking that San Francisco is unaffordable and you cannot stay there? Then hold on to your breath because there are many cheap hotels in San Francisco by staying there you can have fun and enjoy one of the most memorable trips.

San Francisco’s food is famous throughout the country. The yummiest meals to try on are; sand dabs, bay shrimps, Dungeness crabs, abalone, and crusty sourdough French bread are the most meals of the city that are a must-try on. Also, there are many local restaurants that serve Joe’s Special. So, you must at least one of these.

The city of eclectic architecture has a lot of astounding landmarks to see, out of which the best ones are as under;

  1. A visit to Golden Gate Bridge: it is undeniable that the city has one of the exceptional attractions in the world and that is the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you have checked-in in any of the San Francisco hotels your itinerary must start by this.
  2. A visit to Waterfront at Fisherman’s Wharf: This is the place for foodies because here you can have the most amazing appetites and foods that the world has to offer.
  3. A visit to Alcatraz Island: you certainly cannot escape from this alluring place. It is situated 1.5 miles off the shore of San Francisco. The island was built as a military prison and a federal prison.
  4. A visit to Union Square: Union Square is the most visited neighborhood area and if you have booked hotels near San Francisco then you can come here and see the most alluring landmark of the city.
  5. A visit to Chinese Culture: isn’t it great to experience some other culture in a different city? San Francisco is here, to give you this excitement. You can now see the most astounding and alluring culture of China in the streets of San Francisco. This is certainly one of the finest things that you must not want to miss.

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San Francisco, an eclectic architecture city!


San Francisco, an eclectic architecture city!

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