The 20 Best Cities in the World for Food

By Mathew Davies, Posted on 14 Aug, 2021 at 06:06 am

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For people who travel a lot around the world, the first thing that is commonly debated is where they can find the best things to eat in the world? The world is crowded with some of the premium destinations offering an exclusive and wide range of food destinations. Here we have narrowed down the 20 best cities for food in the world. Not only do these cities offer exclusive dishes with premium taste, but they are home to traditional food that is experimented to stand out in the form of unique offerings for customers from all around the globe.

Tokyo – Japan: Tokyo, a popular city of Japan, is home to hundreds of impressive restaurants that offer a brilliant mix of a traditional and modern styles of food offerings. Chefs belonging to this region are known to be expert cooks. Here, you can find everything at all different prices, including noodles, sushi, and other extremely famous seafood. Tokyo restaurants are famous for using fresh seasonal ingredients that make their taste and aroma appeal stand out.

Jaipur – India: Jaipur is home to a number of places where the traditional Rajasthan method and flavor of cooking is followed. This city is known for hunting expeditions and thus Rajasthani’s show their amazing barbecuing cooking methods. Their goat curry is exclusively famous and is served with raita (a seasoned yogurt condiment) and plain rice and bread. Some of the top-level of curry houses are also established in this city.

Istanbul – Turkey: High-end exclusive dining is the heart of this Turkish city. Simple, yet some of the best-cooked food in the world is served here at various restaurants such as Panorama, Tugra, Karabiber, and other Bazar-style restaurants. For all those who love coffee, you can find some of the best coffee and other cooking delights here.

Toronto – Canada: This multi-cultural city is home to a number of scenic restaurants. Some of the most popular and inspiring ones are located in close vicinity of the University of Toronto. Italian, Spanish and a mix of other delights can be found here, including everything from snacks, desserts to complete dining options. Some famous ones are Gaudi-Esque Bar Raval, Buca at Fashion District, Asian Legend at Chinatown, Udupi Palace in Little India, etc.

Brussels – Belgium: A premiere food destination that is ramped up with many restaurants worth visiting. You will be able to find some elegant dining options that serve everything from seafood to exquisite Belgian chocolate delights. Some places that you should visit include Comme Chez Soi, L’Ecailler du Palais Royal, Le Bistro du Mail, La Maison du Cygne etc. Pierre Marcolini is a must to try when you are in Brussels.

New York – USA: A city known for innovation in all the fields including dining. You can have an above par culinary experience while being in this city with trendy and classic items served all around. New York serves some of the finest steaks too. Some places that you should not miss include Oysters Grand Central Oyster Bar, Porterhouse Steak and others. 

London – England: A cosmopolitan city with people who are forward thinkers. This city has a fascinating history and is one of the most exciting cities for food lovers. British food techniques and traditions are followed here and thus you can find some of the beautifully plated dishes here in town. You can enjoy an appealing Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, can try out a lamb shank rogan josh served at the Gymkhana. For seafood lovers and vegetarians, there are plenty of options served at Gunpowder. Some other best servers in town include Honey & Co., Mondrian at Sea Containers, etc.

Vancouver – B.C.: A perfect blend of east and west can be witnessed at this waterfront city where you will be able to find locals and travelers from all around Asia. Thus the multi-cultural community living here is the reason behind rich flavors that can be found in Vancouver. You can enjoy a family dinner at the famous Chef Tony Seafood under crystal chandeliers and a warm, welcoming environment. For a delicious steaming soup, you can head towards the Shanghai River. Along with that Indian Vij’s, Farmer’s Apprentice, Italian As for Luigi, and The Keefer Bar are some names of prominent eat-outs in Vancouver.

Mendoza – Argentina: If you are in Mendoza and are a steak lover, you should try out one of the steaks Mendoza’s asados. A number of impressive restaurant surrounds the city. For an exclusive range of treats in the form of a buffet, enjoy fining at the places like Cava de Cano, where they serve the best Stew. Another famous place is Azafra, a famous local serving. Crispy and fruity Torrentes are a must-try when in Mendoza.

Sydney – Australia: Sydney city is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, but there are a number of interesting cafes, restaurants, and bars that steal the heart of travelers from all around the globe. Whether you are looking for modern Cantonese or a Japanese treat or cocktails, you can find everything here. Some popular names include Mr. Wong, Sepia, Edition Coffee Roasters, Bennelong, Grasshopper, etc.

Bologna – Italy: Meat sauce spaghetti is a trademarked dish that you ought to try once you are in this city. Apart from that the most popular pasta Bolognese is something outstanding and the name is given to dish after the city because it was created here. The authenticity of food is never compromised in the city, and thus you will be able to find real versions of spaghetti and other popular food items.

Edam – The Netherlands: Famous for offering the best cheese internationally, this city was serves outstanding and scrumptious food with flavors of their best cheese added in one form or another.

San Francisco – USA: Home to some of the best clubs, cafes, and restaurants, San Francisco is a city quite famous among both locals from the USA and travelers from outside. Trendy dining places and hip-hop clubs and cafes make this place happening and vibrant. Some popular places that you must consider when planning to eat in San Francisco include Restaurant Chez Panisse, PlumpJack Café, Oliveto, Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market, Loongbar, LuLu, Masa’s Cypress Club, and many others.

Ensenada – Mexico: Most well-known places for local fresh seafood that are served at various streets over this city. A Combo of fried fish and shrimps covered with cabbage, mayonnaise, and salsa sauce is not expensive at all and is delicious. So it would be best if you tried that. Apart from that, their fish tacos are legendary.

Hong Kong: An alley of food choices for locals and travelers are offered in this city. You will be able to find food carts at various streets where they service delicious food choices, such as those at the Temple Street Night Market. A fusion of varied food cultures can be witnessed at Lankwai Fong and Call Amer-Peking are places that are famous for their popular offering of Vietnamese soft-shelled crab and Beggar’s Chicken respectively.

Bombay – India: A delivery for those who have a love for traditional yet intersected local food of India. Those who love South Indian food can head towards Tanjore. For North Indian meals and deserts, famous places are Kailash Parbat and Bade Mian. Seafood lovers may make their mark towards the Sassoon Docks fish market where they can found eating outlets such as Only Fish and SheetalSamudra. For those who have a sweet tooth, you must visit ChappanBhog.

Buenos Aires – Argentina: Popular for serving mouth-watering Argentine beef, barbecue, and Mediterranean cuisine. Plenty of options in the form of some of the best restaurants can be found in this city. A few options that are must visit include Cabana Las Lilas, Dora, Katrine, Happening, and many others. Around this city, you will be able to find some exciting places for an afternoon tea or for enjoying nightlife eating out in the form of crowded cafes.

New Orleans – USA: Traditional cooking or international cuisines, no matter what you are looking for; New Orleans serves everything to appeal its locals and travelers. It is home to one of the oldest restaurants of USA, Antoine’s, since 1840. Once you are done trying out the oldest, you must also give time to some of the newest spots in New Creole Town. Some well-known names include Bayona, Jacques-Imo’s, Lemon Grass, Peristyle, Gautreau’s, etc.

Rome – Italy: When it comes to classic dishes and an appetite to try some of the exotic dishes of town, Rome is a city that would not disappoint you. Classical cooking and dishes can be experienced at Trattoria da Lucia. Your Fridays can be turned into delightful days as you try out salt cod served at Settimio al Pellegrino. Thursdays would not let you down at the same place where you will be served with the best gnocchi in town. Other must-visit places are Pasta at Agata e Romeo, Campo Dei Fiori market, Pasticceria Bella Napoli, and Baffetto.

Oaxaca – Mexico: Beyond the beautiful outlook of this city, when you look at options for all the meals throughout the day you will find this city serving you lavishly. Some of the best traditional breakfast buffets are served here with all the traditional Mexican dishes and for that, a superb choice could be Camino Real Hotel.  You may try out El Catedral, El Meson, Tlaminalli, and other choices for lunch or dining. For a dessert to follow, the best choice could be Chocolate Mayordomo.

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The 20 Best Cities in the World for Food


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