The 10 best places to stay in Lahore

Couldn’t find great places around the landmarks? Don’t worry! We have found a solution for you! Here are some 5-star hotels in Lahore around your popular monuments and spots!

The 10 best places to stay in Lahore

The gigantic cultural and heritage center!

Lahore is the 26th largest city in the world and the wealthiest city of Pakistan. It is a quite well-managed tourist spot in terms of security. This city also refers to the “Cultural Heart of Pakistan” and has hosts of arts, festivals, music, cuisines, gardening, hotels, and a lot more. The city comprises ample attractions that make the plethora of tourists stick to this city. But, when it comes to sojourn somewhere, obviously a place is needed. There must be many economical and cheap hotels in Lahore but one near the popular landmark makes the stay more lively and lifts the tourist’s spirits! Standing at the balcony and glancing at a spectacular and astounding view of the popular landmarks makes the stay more catchy! So, here is the list of some remarkable places where you can stay. Let’s explore the place!

1- Places near The Badshahi Mosque

The Badshahi Mosque

One of the biggest and most awesome works of architecture in Lahore, The Badshahi Mosque, stands across the Hazuri bagh. Among all the mosques, The Badshahi Mosque is the most renowned one. The interior of this mosque is embellishing and is featured by the carved red stones and the entire mosque constructed of red sandstone that awesomely seduces the eyes of the hype. Tourists always wish to stay around this beauty so there are many famous hotels around the mosque; Luxus Grand Hotel, Tourist Inn Hotel, Faletti’s Hotel Lahore. These hotels are renowned as tourists and visitors get a great view from their hotel’s balcony especially at night when it looks more stunning and magical.

2- Places near Lahore Fort

Lahore Fort

A memorial that has the bulk of the bluff of history, the Lahore Fort, is one of the most attractive spots to visit with an interior made of magnificent pieces of art and architecture. Gardens, fountains, royal palaces, and many more but it is specifically notable for its reconstruction in the 17th century. It was the time when the Mughal Empires were at the peak of grandeur and luxuries. There are many hotels around that give the best night view of Lahore fort; dim light, serene ambiance, water fountains sparkling water makes it the best of both worlds. There are many 5-star hotels in Lahore around but the best one is Pearl Continental Hotel.

3- Fort Road Food Street:

Fort Road Food Street

If you want to grab a bite with outstandingly amazing views then the places near fort road food street are definitely for you. This place is notable for the Lahori Cuisines that are traditional with a majestic and sumptuous view of the Badshahi Masjid. The hotels nearby this food street are really amazing for a stay. A serene environment with your favorite cuisine and a majestic view of the stunning Mosque makes the best mash-up!

4- Emporium Mall:

Are you a shopaholic? Then obviously you want someplace near a shopping mall, this is for you! Emporium Mall, a gigantic complex place with a heap of shops, dining area, ice-skating rink and wait there’s a hotel too where you can relax if you are drained out so you don’t need to find one.

5- Masjid-Wazir Khan:

One of the most beautiful and historical places where a tomb of subterranean crypt named saint Syed Muhammad Ishaq Gazruni prevails. It is specifically a place for worshipers but the place is embellished by a fascinating architectural art that everyone attracts to it, particularly, a peace-loving person. Finding cheap hotels in Lahore around Masjid Wazir Khan is not like finding a needle in a haystack, you can easily find something that matches up with your taste!

6- Shalimar Gardens:

The biggest and the gorgeous Shalimar garden is primarily notable for its amazing glamour adding up to almost 410 fountains with water cascades and loads of greenish around. This glamorous place is worth looking at but if you want to stay somewhere near to this place then that’s no biggie! There are many fabulous places around where you can sojourn or stay forever!

7- Bagh-e-Jinnah:

A grandiose ground embracing gardens inside! Since 1885, a popular cricket ground has served as a host to pally matches as well as an unofficial test match of Pakistan opposing West Indies. Bagh-e-Jinnah is also termed Lawrence Garden and named after the father of the nation “Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah”. So, if you wish to reside somewhere around the Pakistan historical place, Lawrence View Hotel is the best!

8- Places near Replica Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower Lahore

Fake it till you make it! so if you couldn’t make it to Paris, then make it to Lahore! The third-largest replica of an original Eiffel tower looks quite real. An iconically structured tower that fills the tourists with astonishment and amusement. At night, it looks like an extremely majestic place with lots of flickering light around grabbing the interest of the tourist. The brilliant place to stay near this astounding place is Emporium Mall. The hotels there are fantastic with free shuttle services!

9- Place near historical spot:

Tomb of Jahangir, the famous historical spot especially for those who are history lovers! Specifically, famous for the interior art adorned with frescoes and marble. The outer area is richly ornamented with pietra dura. So, if you love to explore historical places, here you go! There are many spots around where you can stay; hotels & motels that are great for a night stay!

10- Museum:

A remarkable museum devoted to Pakistani culture is the Lahore Museum. Well-preserved ancient artifacts and popular for its wide-range collectibles of the art of Buddhist as well as Mughal Empire. If you wish to live around some ancient and greek places, this is the best. Summing up the whole, Lahore is a great place for tourists but when they get some great place to stay in, it becomes double enjoyment! There are mostly 5-star hotels in Lahore nearby the popular monuments and spots. So, worrying about your stay is of no use. Make your tour more comfortable with our top ten enlisted places!

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