Everyone promises luxury, but are they promising feasibility? A guide to hotels in Lahore

By Mathew Davies, Posted on 12 Aug, 2021 at 03:37 pm

hotels in Lahore

When it comes to visiting Pakistan or going on a Pak tour if you are a resident of any other city, Lahore always makes it to the list of places to be visited. Being a city of culture, history, and famous sites, Lahore has always been a concern of public attraction. Tourists love to visit this city and learn about its culture while wanting a great stay option that enhances their traveling experiences.

With our years of experience, we have seen what matters the most when it comes to traveling. Hotels often spend a fortune over luxury and forget the element of comfort and feasibility. Mind it that not every luxury hotel is as feasible as it may seem. You must narrow down your requirements and feasible options when booking a hotel in Lahore for your stay. Here we will discuss different stay options related to the types of feasibilities they offer.

A Brief History of Lahore

Lahore stands as the second-largest city in Pakistan today. Its history goes as back as thousands of years from now. There have been times when Lahore was the capital of Punjab province in Pakistan and hence holds cultural and tourist importance of its own.

The culture here has been modified multiple times as the people and their migration has been varying the sole environment of this city. It has an essence of all Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, Afghan, Sikh, British and Greek cultures. It has hosted people from all these religions and has landmarks from most of them which makes it unique in a way of preserving many cultures at one place.  

Why plan your trip to Lahore?

Lahore is a city of historic importance when it comes to sightseeing and tourism. It might not have the modern-day tech as much as any other metropolitan city from foreign but even being situated in a developing country, Lahore holds its heritage close and the people make sure to preserve their assets.

Places like Badshahi Mosque (built by the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 - 1674), Lahore Fort (built by Mughal Emperor Akbar during his reign), and many other places make this place the only one that holds these precious historic assets which are to date a fascinating site of tourism for people from all over the world.

Diverse Staying Options at Lahore

Lahore has a variety of living options that are available for people who are traveling as well. In a densely populated city like Lahore, you can find all the following options for your stay according to your feasibility.

Rest Houses

These are houses ready to be rented for families or groups of tourists who wish to stay for as long as a month. These are feasible for families who wish to travel together but would want to have separate rooms for stay. These houses have all the basic amenities according to the weather and other living conditions to make your stay comfortable.

Rental Rooms

In Lahore, you can find a number of house owners who are willing to rent a spare room for anyone who visits. This option is feasible for travelers who are traveling alone and want a cheaper alternative to hotels or rest houses. Here they will only have to pay the expense of a room stay and will manage food and other facilities on their own so it saves a lot of money on their side.

Hotel Rooms

The far most popular and luxury option of stay is a hotel which are many in number when it comes to Lahore. You can find cheap hotels and 5-star hotels in almost every popular area of Lahore. This is an amazing option if you require all the living facilities along with a room and have no issue paying more.

Which Hotel to choose according to your feasibility?

Here we have divided the most popular hotels in Lahore on the basis of certain feasibilities required by travelers according to their specific requirements. It is not always necessary that you would get feasibility with luxury so it's always wise to choose the former over later. Choosing a hotel that is not luxury but is feasible to you will prove to be a better choice than opting for a luxury one.

Best Lahore Hotels with Breakfast

You might get to see a huge list of hotels in Lahore which seem fancy and luxurious but would ask for payment to include breakfast on your stay. If you won’t pay for the breakfast, you might find it an extra hassle every morning to go search for breakfast which will of course eat up a lot of your time which should be spent travelling. In such cases, you can opt for a hotel that has free breakfast included in the package such as the ones listed below. These will turn out to be highly feasible for you!

  1. Shelton’s Rezidor Lahore (Near Wagah Border)
  2. MaryLeena Hotel (In Gulberg)
  3. Shelton Hotel (Near Wagah Border)
  4. Rose Palace hotel (In Garden Town)

Best Lahore hotels in the Center of the City

There are many tourism sites all over the city. People who have plans every day would not want to spend extra money on traveling fares within the city. This problem can be solved by booking your stay at any hotel in Lahore located in the center of the city. It allows you the minimum distance of traveling to every part of the city without spending a lot. Some of these options include:

  1. Maisonette Hotel (Near Gaddafi stadium)
  2. Hotel Gulberg Lodges (In Gulberg)
  3. Hotel One, M.M. Alam Road (In Gulberg)
  4. Hotel Noor Plaza (Near Allama Iqbal International Airport)

Best Lahore hotels under Budget

If you wish to have maximum amenities while your stay at any Lahore hotel while paying the least, there are some amazing options listed below that will be feasible enough for you.

  1. Indigo Heights Hotels and Suites (Near Wagah Border)
  2. Hotel One, Garden Town (Near Gaddafi Stadium)
  3. Royal Swiss (Near Army Museum)
  4. 12th Avenue (Near Wagah Border)



It is important to figure out your needs before booking a stay. So, plan your trip wisely so you don’t end up spending a fortune over just a stay at a hotel in Lahore without enjoying your required feasibility.

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Everyone promises luxury, but are they promising feasibility? A guide to hotels in Lahore


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