5 places for a night out in Lahore

Want to catch up with a friend for a night out? Then check out these topmost multi-purpose hangout spots where you can get a bundle of joy! So, just get on your trips!

5 places for a night out in Lahore

5 places for a night out in Lahore

Pakistan’s second-largest city, Lahore, once called Lohawar, a city that never sleeps is entailing a number of flamboyant and resplendent landmarks, monuments, shopping streets. Whether it’s day or night, the city is always thronging and bustling all over. Exploring the city of gardens in the daytime is a good option but visiting at night hours is stupendous and astonishing and is a completely mesmerizing and spellbinding view you can ever see. So, most people prefer night today. A distinctive Lahore nightlife scene with all the sparkling, lightening, and flickering clubs, restaurants, Sufi nights, bustling food streets, and not only this but also the music venues that add glamorous fun to the night outs. This capital of Punjab unifies the majestic attraction of architecture of Pakistan with some other modern features so as to create an alluring listing of places for a night out. So, if you are mapping out the place for a night out in Lahore then this is for you!

  1. Café zhouk:

If you wish to give ears to some western artists like Beatles and Jennifer Lopez, then Café Zhouk is the best place for your night out. It will be a great euphoria and gratification if you dine in at this awesome serene place at night because dim lights with soft music and friends are the best combination. The place is serving for ages now. When it comes to what makes this special and appropriate for the night out, it is definitely tempting that nightfall is the melody & music varying from all voguish-western to traditional hits.

  1. Uptown Bowling Alley:

A place that promises an exciting round of bowling with a luscious bite of food is Uptown Bowling Alley. This bowling alley is famous for the ambiance that delights the hearts and has a traditional international environment. Lowlights, high-pitch music pulsates the nice flooring makes this place more fascinating and the best place for a night out with friends and family. Lahoris like to visit more often as bowling is their favorite hobby but tourist admire this place because it serves as an all-in-one place. Yes! You can get food and entertainment both in just one place.

  1. Peeru’s Café:

 Delight your weekend nights with some Sufi songs and Qawali!

A complete package of traditional elements is available at Peru's Café. A special treat is given to the night visitors with a free serenity, vogue, traditions, cultural craft with same artifacts museum. Not only this but also there’s a Qawali and Sufi night that can be great with some special perks that are scrumptious food.

The interior is spotting the light at flavors and has a quirky and remarkable construction with intricated ornaments like no other! Every family, young, adults everyone comes over to this place to take a delight in food with some Sufi and Qawali instruments at night. Check this place out at night timing to get a bundle of things in just one place!

  1. Garment Market

After the nights veiled on the daylights, make your way towards the garment market, a paramount place to have food. If you are not so palsy-walsy to the Pakistani cuisines but fond of eating spicy flavor, then this place will definitely steal your heart. A fun-filled way for the tourists to meet with the abundance of locals and have a chunk of some different delicious tasted cuisines.

  1. MM Alam Road:

One of the most famous places for a night out is MM Alam Road (Mohammad Mehmood Alam). The road name was set after Pakistan’s Air Force Commander named Mohammad Mehmood Alam. A fully far-flung and exotic spot that makes Lahore nightlife more attractive and fanciful. A road that brightens throughout the entire night attracts the tourist from around the country to bulge in the place to take the benefit of all the amusements. The hustle and bustle of this brain of Pakistan never let the city sleep luring up all the gourmets and fashion followers!

Lavish Tourist Place in Lahore - Food Street

Without setting out the prevailing yearn, the list of the night out places seems to be half-finished. This MM Alam Road also includes boundless food streets with tormenting night views that overwhelmed the visitors. The troops dancing, background calm music, flavorful fused aromas, breath-taking views, and lightning turns it out to be a magnificent spot at night. This place becomes more bustling when visitors clocked in after or at the time of gloaming.

Another place that is exactly adjacent to the Badshahi Mosque is Gawalmandi food street. A masses of people hang out to this place after nightfall to take the joy of the views of the Badshahi Mosque with the multitudinous scrumptious food! Colorful buildings with the mesmerizing view of the Badshahi Mosque captivate the minds of visitors and tourists!

In a nutshell, Lahore is a fabulous place that keeps on opening up as much as you explore, and in every visit, you will find something new. Lahore is best known for its foods and mesmerizing views. This city is in the heart of Pakistan that has many café and restaurants. If you want to go out with the family to grab dinner or wish to hang out with some old friends, then these nigh out places are definitely of your choice. Don’t forget to visit MM Alam Road after nightfall that is entailing a large number of elements. In short, a big package in just one go!

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